St. Louis County Cab Gets the 5-Star French Fry Review!

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Our professional driver, Enver, often gets glowing reviews from his passengers on a regular basis for his great service and caring attitude.  He spends hours driving around in cab #755 to help everyone in St. Louis.  He realizes that he is part of a team and that one cab drivers actions are a reflection on all the other cab drivers at County & Yellow Cab. And a recent experience while in the drive-thru at McDonald’s is something that he will remember for a long time and only enforced this reality.

As a cab driver, he works very hard to earn a good living and “time is money” in every sense of the word. He is always on a quest to find another passenger in need of a safe, legal ride and it often feels like a casino game as he watches the computer in his cab for where he should go next. But on this day, he made a quick stop at a local McDonald’s to get some lunch so that he could move on to that next fare.

He placed his order, moved up to the next window ready to pay for his meal and the guy at the window happily told him that his order was FREE! What – Come on – nothing is free.  Enver was shocked and asked the guy why. The McDonald’s worker said, “The lady in front of you paid for your meal. She said that she LOVES St. Louis County Cab.”  The dedication and good service provided by his colleagues had come back to Enver in a box of fries!  A great review never tasted so good!


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