Oh No – I left the water running in my pool!!

With our relentless winter behind us and warmer temperatures now a certainty, we begin to think about all the wonderful things we can do outside.  Biking, fishing, gardening, home improvements and enjoying all the wonderful attractions that St. Louis has to offer like the rental boats in Forest Park. There is just something about warmer weather that makes us all have a little extra pep in our step.


This time of year is also the start of “let’s open the pool” season.  After staring out your window all winter at the sad covered pool that is just speaking to you and begging for sunny weather, now is the time to call your friendly pool service and schedule to get that pool happy and ready for some action. Time to head to Walgreens to stock up on sunscreen, get out the floaty toys and stock up the refrigerator with cold beverages.  Relaxing weekends around the pool now become the motivation to work hard all week.


 Once the pool is open and with the kids out of school soon, those ever-popular, much-needed summer vacations also begin to take shape.  Going to visit family in another part of the country, taking in the sites of another city or just finding a beach and a good book, can be just the cure to the “winter is finally over” blues.  Our professional cab drivers often play a key role in helping to get these summer vacations off to a good start by providing prompt, convenient airport transportation for your family.  But last summer, our driver, James, got much more than he anticipated as he was picking up a family in Chesterfield going to Lambert.


With the bags all packed, all the kids ready to go, James’ passengers were eagerly waiting when he showed up take them to the airport.  He could hear them all doing a mental checklist of everything they needed for their trip and making sure they didn’t forget anything.  With the house all secure, they headed towards Lambert with a sigh of relief that their vacation was about to begin.  But then it happened – That moment like this….


A few minutes prior to arriving  at the airport, the dad remembered that he had left the water running in their pool!  Picturing returning to a floating house and neighbors that didn’t appreciate living in a flood zone, he just didn’t know what to do.  James jumped right in with the perfect solution.  He assured the family that once they were safely dropped off at the airport, he would return back to their home and turn off the water and he would do it free of charge – just because it was the right thing to do.  Jame’s should have been wearing a Superman Cape that day because his passengers truly felt like he saved their vacation from certain disaster.  As James dropped off the family to begin their vacation, they sighed a sense of relief and vowed to count on County Cab for their airport transportation needs from now on.  Not sure that James can do this – but he saved the day for sure.



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