Mobile Taxi App Benefits

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Have you tried our mobile taxi ride app yet? If you haven’t, you’ll want to give it a try as an easy way to organize all of your rides around St. Louis! Use of our St. Louis Taxi App continues to climb as our local community starts to learn some of the awesome benefits our mobile tax app users get with every ride they book with our taxi cab team.

First of all, it’s FREE!!! 

That’s right. Just like other rideshare apps, the St. Louis Taxi App is totally free to download to your smartphone. Just search St. Louis Taxi in the app store, or visit this web-page to find links to download the app for free for IOS or Android phones. Then, you’re one step closer to getting rides across St. Louis for prices cheaper than other rideshare companies in St. Louis, which brings us to our next awesome benefit to share…

St. Louis Taxi Cab Rides are Affordable! 

It’s a common misconception that taxis are too expensive. This just isn’t correct information. The fares we charge are set and regulated by the St. Louis Metropolitan Taxi Commission. Because of this, we never operate on surge pricing. Plus, we are always fully staffed with a dedicated St. Louis-based team of taxi cab drivers backed by our 24/7 Customer Care Center. Any time you need a ride in St. Louis, we’ll be there to give you a ride without you worrying about whether you’re going to be charge extra because of surprise surge fees. Get the free app to estimate your fare to see how much you’ll save on your next taxi cab ride or package delivery in St. Louis.

It’s Easy. 

Booking a taxi with our app is easy with a smartphone. There’s no need to call, email, or message us every time you need to get from Point A to Point B. St. Louis Taxi App users enjoy easy access to securing a ride, without having to step out of the room to make a call or wait for an email reply to get schedule. How awesome is that?!

Access Your Info, All in One Place! 

If you routinely book taxi cabs for transportation then you’ll love the easy to access dashboard of the St. Louis Taxi App. You can store your payment information and look up your past rides, past fares, dates of travel, and more. Keep track of all of your rides easier, with the taxi app!

We look forward to seeing you on the taxi app, and we hope you enjoy all of the benefits the app provides. If you have questions about using the app, please reach out to us! It truly is our pleasure to assist with your transportation needs. We’ve been proudly going the “extra mile” for over 80 years in St. Louis, and we plan to keep moving forward! We are proud to provide reliable transportation to folks headed to the airport, going to concerts, hosting events, and more in St. Louis!