How Adult Children Can Help Their Aging Parents

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Caring for seniors st louis

When the time comes for your aging parents to need help staying safe and healthy, you might not know how to handle the situation. Understanding their needs, finding the best options, and making decision on behalf of your parents can be overwhelming. Read on to learn about useful ways you can help your parents when they need it most.

What to do when aging parents need help

Assess Your Parent’s Needs

Caring for your parents can feel overwhelming when your unsure what exactly needs to be done, or where to start. To start planning, you can try focusing on several key areas that an aging parent may need help with: Medical Needs, Mobility, Personal Hygiene, Meal Prep, and Home Safety.

Think About Your Own Needs

Before you take on all of your parent’s needs, it’s important to plan and think about your own unique abilities. Do you live close enough to provide regular care? Do you have the time in your schedule for ongoing support? Are you healthy enough to physically care for someone else?

These are tough questions to take into consideration as you plan out a sustainable solution for your family.

Include Your Parent in Planning

By involving your parent in the planning process, you’ll help them see you more as a partner rather than someone who is taking control of their life. Unless you’re in an emergency situation, it can help to slowly take on responsibilities over time, rather than all at once.

Explore Aging Care Options

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