Jerry Hanks – 43 Years Of Outstanding Service!

Jerry Hanks

Jerry and Norma Jean Hanks with County Cab President, Basil Rudawsky

Over 50 years ago, while serving as a young man in the United States Air Force in New Mexico, Jerry Hanks met a young lady whom he married a short time later.  Over the past 51 years of marriage, Jerry and Norma Jean Hanks have built a lifetime of memories together.  For Jerry, the proudest of those memories are the 9 children that they raised.  43 of those 51 years, Jerry spent driving a cab with us.  Jerry has decided to hang up his cab keys and retire.  They have decided to return to Norma Jean’s home state of New Mexico. They plan to spend their time with family, friends and relaxing.

Jerry is a warm, friendly character who is always quick with a smile and to say something nice.  He tells many fond stories of his 43 years as a driver.  What Jerry remembers most fondly are the people: the customers, his fellow drivers and the Gregerson family. During his 43 years driving a cab, Jerry Hanks logged over 2 million miles with an impeccable safety record that he is extremely proud of.  The calls that we’ve received through the years about Jerry all reflect the strong, ethical,  and dignified man that we know and respect.

Today, we celebrate Jerry’s retirement along with his and Norma Jean’s return to New Mexico.  While we will miss Jerry’s professionalism and his warm and friendly demeanor, we wish him a happy, healthy and relaxing retirement.  Let someone else drive now, Jerry!

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