The holidays are for giving – so don’t get taken for a ride!



Being a cab driver means spending your day riding with people – sharing a very small space with someone that they likely just met. This experience creates an environment of sharing and caring – sharing a conversation, talking about sports or the weather, caring by helping with groceries, helping someone that is less nimble negotiate the steps to their home – it is a very selfless profession.

As we enter the holiday season, our drivers should be thankful for what they have and be in a giving spirit.  But it may be challenging for them to think that way since for the last 2 months they have been taken for a ride.  Taken for a ride by politicians and city leaders that feel that it is completely acceptable to let a multi-billion dollar machine operate outside the law.  Laws that our drivers respect and follow because it is important to their passengers to know that they are riding with a safe driver in a safe, insured vehicle.  It is easy to understand that they are not feeling thankful right now.


Despite the struggles that our drivers are encountering right now, we are all committed to continue to provide the safe, reliable, predictable transportation that our residents and visitors deserve.  As we all enter the holiday season and begin the quest for gifts for our loved ones, we often shop for the best deal to save money.  We check the sale flyers, we clip coupons, we get up an an insane hour and stand in line – all to save money on those gifts that our loved ones will cherish.  We take great care in making the right choice – we are engaged and educated consumers.

We would like to suggest you take that same approach when you find a need for on-demand transportation. Don’t get taken for a ride.   If you become educated about the options that are available, you won’t get taken for a ride too.  We would like to make your on-demand transportation “shopping” easier with a few suggestions.

  • Legal, fully compliant transportation is the smartest choice!  You have to ask why a company that has no investment of any kind in our region feels that it is in the best interest of our citizens to operate illegal vehicles with illegal drivers.  We have been a part of this community for over  80 years.  We are local, we care about our neighbors and we will follow the rules because it is the right thing to do.
  • Being legal and fully compliant is easier than hanging an ornament on a tree.  Our regulating body passed common sense rules that would make it extremely easy for any on-demand transportation company to obey the laws to protect our citizens.  Not only is it the right thing to do but it is so simple.  Not following these rules is the equivalent of being a felonious scrooge during the holidays.


  • Predicable pricing is the smartest financial choice.  Our rates are the same regardless of the time of day, the day of the week or which holiday you may need a ride on.  As the demand for cabs will surge during the holidays – our prices will not surge.  When the other on-demand transportation companies get 25 – 35% of the fare that you pay, it is obvious why they surge prices when the demand is the highest.  More money in their pocket means less in yours. Don’t get SURGED!
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As our drivers continue to struggle to make a good professional living and serve the residents of our community, politicians and city leaders openly ignore the enforcement of state and local laws.  Our drivers are professional and willing to compete with anyone providing the same service on a fair and level playing field. But when that playing field is knowingly slanted to help an outsider endanger our citizens, it makes it a little tough to be in the holiday spirit.  Despite these disparities, we give you our word that our drivers will stand committed to providing rides 24/7/365 for the same consistent prices and in all weather conditions – and with a caring and sharing attitude.  WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!!  Happy holidays to you all!!

Debbie Rudawsky

Co-Owner/Chief Financial Officer


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