Need a Cab on New Years Eve? Here are Tips to Help get Everyone Home Safe


New Years Eve is the busiest cab night of the entire year.  It is important that all those celebrating do so responsibly and have a safe ride home.  But getting a cab on New Years Eve can be a challenge.  Here are some easy tips to help get everyone home as safely and efficiently as possible: 

1. Use an automated method to order your cab to avoid long hold times on the phone.  Download our mobile app – St Louis Taxi – for the best ordering experience.  You can also order via web at or text your pick up address to 314-971-8294(TAXI)

2. Make sure you provide the number of passengers in your group so we send the right size cab.  Clown cars on NYE are not cool or safe.  If you order through the app, indicate the vehicle type to fit your group.

3. Know Where You Are! Providing a good address will help our drivers find you quickly.  Double check your address before ordering a cab. Remember that the GPS locator in your phone can sometimes be wonky and not locate you correctly.

4. If your plans change and you no longer need a cab, PLEASE cancel your order.  Our live texting agent will be available to accept your cancellations.  Just text us at – 314-991-5300 – and we will help.

5. Ordering a cab from multiple companies is a huge waste of resources and will just result in everyone waiting longer.  We know its tempting to order a cab from 3 different companies and just see who shows up first.  But then those three cabs are headed your way and 2 of them are being wasted on a bad fare.  This just means everyone waits longer.  Order from one cab company and please be patient.

6. Make sure you get in YOUR cab.  We send you a text message when your cab has been assigned with the cab # and the drivers first name.  Before you get in a cab, make sure it is yours.  Taking someone else’s cab is rude and will result in them waiting longer.

7. Be patient and courteous.  With HUGE demand for cab service in a very short window of time, wait times may be long.  Yelling at our care agents or our drivers will not get you home faster.  Let’s start the new year with love and harmony.  And a safe ride.

8. Be prepared and have a good method of payment.  If you store a credit card in our mobile app and order with the app, you can click to pay.  Also, for your convenience, all of our cabs have credit card swipes or accept ApplePay. Of course, all drivers love accepting cash too.

9. Use the closest cab stand.  Many of our hot spot zones are serviced by cab stands.  Rather than ordering a cab, it may be quicker to proceed to a cab stand and hop in the next cab in line.

10. Talk to us – @stltaxi or St. Louis County and Yellow Cab on Facebook.  We value your feedback so please let us know about your experience and tweet or message us on Facebook.

We wish everyone a safe and healthy New Year!  Thanks for letting us be part your celebration!!

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