Event Planning : St. Louis Event Must Haves

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event planning must haves

Everyone loves a great party or celebration! If you’re finding yourself in charge of planning an event in St. Louis, it can become overwhelming to think of all of the possibilities and options you have. From small group gatherings to large, corporate events or even weddings, you’ll need to start with some basic event planning first. Here, our passionate St. Louis hospitality team has put together your go-to guide to begin planning your next event to be hosted right here in St. Louis.

Event Planning in St. Louis : Our List of Must Haves


The Perfect Location

St. Louis is home to some seriously beautiful event venues and spaces. Begin scouting for locations by determining the size and style of your event. Write down a general estimate of how many people will be attending your event, then write down a few key characteristics your space must have. For example, will you need a large dance floor? Or, are you looking for an expansive patio to take advantage of beautiful weather? With this key information, you’ll be able to search for and select a venue that will work best for your party! Some of our favorites include The Butterfly House, Mount Pleasant Estates Winery in Augusta, and Southtown Pub for delicious BBQ in a casual and fun setting (plus, they run free shuttles to Cardinals games!).

Food & Drink Essentials

Everyone loves to eat… and drink! Oftentimes, great food and beverages can “make or break” a get-together. Whether you go all-out for a seated meal, opt for buffet style, or provide everything on your own, be sure to put enough planning into what you will serve, how it will be prepared and presented, and how to make it fit your budget. Even if your event is informal, it’s considerate to bring a cooler of beverages (especially water) or light snacks along. Even if your event doesn’t include food or water, remind guests to bring along a reusable water bottle or their own bagged lunch. No one wants a hangry crowd!

Theme & Party Details 

The most stylish celebrations start with a theme. Even if it’s subtle, it will help to commit to an over-arching theme to help you decide on decorations, music, food, beverages and invitations. You can save on costs by reusing a theme you may already have decorations for, or altering it for a new twist! Not sending formal invitations? Use fun emojis or memes to help get your chosen theme across to guests!

Event Logistics & Safety

secureride event transportation in st louisIf you’re new to event planning, it can be easy to forget the not-so-fun part of party planning: Determining where folks will park, how they will find your party, and how they will get home safely. With your attendee count and a plan layout in hand (Google Maps Satellite view works great!), check to make sure there is plenty of parking available for guests. If parking is located away from your event space, consider using directional signs to help guests find their way. If your party does include happy hour, cocktails, or is the cause for extra celebration (i.e., drinks will be flowing) it’s important to take guest safety into consideration.

That’s one reason why we are proud to offer a solution to worrying about guests’ safety in driving home. With SecureRide, our dedicated team of drivers help you offer your event guests a safe ride home, all at a reasonable cost to you. Plus, we have three pricing options available, making SecureRide customizable to fit your budget. Visit our dedicated webpage here to learn more and fill out a quick form to get more information on SecureRide for your event!

Party Planning Wrap-Up

It usually takes a village to pull off a successful event. Be sure to thank everyone who helped make your party perfect. We also recommend asking for feedback from a few attendees so you can be sure to make future events better than the last!