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Corporate Accounts

St. Louis County and Yellow Cab offers corporate charge accounts to businesses of all types and sizes. If you open a corporate charge account with us, you can count on exceptional service and a system that streamlines cab orders and billings for the rides taken by your employees and guests. Our monthly invoices provide you with an image of each voucher and allow you to track each trip and the related charges.

To access cab rides, our office will issue your company barcoded vouchers for distribution to your employees and guests (as you see fit). For the security of your account, we encourage you to only use these barcoded vouchers when riding our our taxis. The taxi rider gives the voucher to the cab driver as payment for his or her trip. If the taxi rider does not have your barcoded voucher with them, they can give the account number to the driver who will provide a voucher for their completion. The vouchers are good for any trips with St. Louis County or Yellow Cab taxi cabs.

St. Louis County and Yellow Cab combined have the largest number of taxi cabs available for your taxi service in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. You will be accessing a taxi service that is committed to providing the most reliable, prompt and courteous taxi cab rides in this geographical area.

Request Additional Charge Vouchers

If you need additional St. Louis County & Yellow Cab charge vouchers please contact Terri Bingham, our Corporate Account Specialist at 314-995-6708 or order online. Requests can be emailed to Terri Bingham

Set Up a New Account

(Please allow 3 – 5 business days to establish your new account)

To establish a new account for convenience you can download the forms online or call Terri Bingham, our Corporate Account Specialist at 314-995-6708.

Click here here to download Business Application for Credit form

Click here to download the Safeguard Policy

Monthly Billing

Our monthly invoices will provide you with an image of each voucher which allows you to track each user’s name and charges related to their individual trips. Your monthly charge statements will be sent out by the 10th of each month. We encourage free electronic delivery of your invoices via e-mail but can mail your monthly invoice for a small $3 paper statement fee.

For questions on your bill please contact our accounting department at 314-995-6708 or email Terri Bingham.