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About Us

St. Louis County Cab Yellow Cab

St. Louis County & Yellow Cab Company is one of the largest, best-equipped and most well-known taxi services in the St. Louis metro area. We have been around since 1935 and several generations of taxi users can attest to the safe, efficient and courteous service we provide. Our self-employed taxi cab drivers are experienced and our vehicles are clean and well-maintained. We take our role as the leader in the industry seriously!

St. Louis County & Yellow Cab Company keeps improving its service. Just like the car you drive, or the computer you use at home or at work, there are technological advances in taxi cab service. St. Louis County & Yellow Cab Company has chosen to reinvest in the best equipment available so you get the most advanced and best service possible. That’s what a leader does.

Whether you are an individual rider, a small business or a large corporation, you can expect great, responsive service from us. We want your business so we’ll do our best to earn it and keep it. You can count on St. Louis County & Yellow Cab Company.

A single number, 314-991-5300, will get you in touch with our Customer Care Center. Both fleets are operated together, so whether you call for a red & white St. Louis County Cab or for a Yellow Cab, you may get either one! We guarantee, however, that you won’t go wrong whichever fleet comes to get you!